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MARCH 19, 2020

Clubs, Players, Families, and Lacrosse Community throughout Oregon,

This is a very difficult moment that we are all experiencing, and a lot of the things that we expected and took for granted are now in jeopardy.  I hope that all of you are keeping yourself well and weathering this tumultuous time.

There is something fundamental to the spirit of Lacrosse that doesn't easily give way to any force that might want to stop it.  Lacrosse players and people who love the Game tend to be brave, hardy and healthy.  For a sport with such a deep and rich history as Lacrosse to be sidelined, even briefly, by anything at all runs counter to what attracts people to the sport in the first place.

With that said, youth lacrosse is about growing the game, giving kids an outlet to learn about and come to love the sport, and preserving the spirit of the game while focusing on the safety of everyone involved.  The Oregon Youth Lacrosse Board met last night to discuss what to do with this season.  We are people who love the game and want to do everything we can do to give as many opportunities to play Lacrosse as we can in a way that is dedicated to player safety.  We're not virologists or professional healthcare workers, though, and our responsibility to safety means that we have the obligation to defer to those in a position to know what is best for kids in youth sports.

We very much hope to have a season this year.  OYL will wait for word from OSAA, OHSLA and the relevant State and Federal agencies to determine whether it makes sense to have a season, and if so, what that will be able to look like.  That means that we're on hold for now, and that we will send out official word as to what we're going to be able to do within 3 days of hearing from OSAA and OHSLA about their plans.

In the mean time...

Wall Ball...
Studying the game...

Lacrosse isn't gone because the season is postponed.  You can find ways to connect with the Game so that you're ready when the season starts.

Our thoughts are with you all, and we hope to have good news in the coming weeks. If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

2020 Cancellations + Suspensions



5/2 & 5/3 - SALI LAX


Canby - Suspended until 4/28

CCYL - Suspended until 4/24

CYO - Suspended until further notice

EPL - Practice cancelled through April 1

Forest Grove - Cancelled until further notice

HALO - All games and practices until 4/19

Oregon City - Suspended until 4/1


Tigard - Suspended until at least 4/8


2020 Annual Meeting Presentation

2020 AGM Slideshow (pdf)


Memorandum on New Clubs, Mergers and Transfers

Click below to download our leagues policy on new clubs, clubs combining and players trying to transfer from club to club.

Memorandum re New Clubs Mergers and Transfers (pdf)


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