2018 Rules

The 2018 OYLA Regulations and Rules Summary tables are supplemental to the US Lacrosse NFHS (National Federation of High Schools) Boys Lacrosse Rulebook which includes the US Lacrosse Youth Rules. OYLA rules are based on US Lacrosse Rules and every coach and official should only use this information in conjunction with the rulebook.

Rule Clarifications - Updated 03.28.2018


  • No offsides called.


  • Offsides is only to keep the goalie from crossing the midline.


  • Only 4 second count for goalie (and JOs are specifically taught to be easy about this).
  • Long Poles only allowed in D1 and Select Tournament Games.


  • 4 second goalie count
  • 20 second count to midfield (ONLY if club provides timer for JO)
  • 10 seconds to touch box once midfield has been crossed.